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Crimps meet ASTM F-2098 spec. Oetiker®, designed this tool specifically for Oetiker® PEXGrip® and PEX Clamps. VBL (THAILAND) CO.,LTD distributes Oetiker’s products ranging from clamps and rings, installation tools, quick connectors, couplings and more. With high-level experiences in this industry, VBL (Thailand) Co., Ltd ensures you that the Clamps and rings, Electronic gadgets , Consumable products will serve you with high quality standards based on international scales. OETIKER 1-Ear Clamps with insert This type of clamp combines the geometry and properties of the 1-Ear Clamp with an insert made of stainless steel. These clamps are ideal for demanding applications involving soft or hard rubbers and plastics.

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61. Teknik som förbinder: www.oetiker.com. 10 Typiska produktlösningar. 12 Klämmor, klamrar, ringar. 14 Montageverktyg.

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13.3 mm is about .52″, 10.8 is about .43″ Also Consider: Oetiker Clamp Tool via Keg Connection Oetiker Clamp Tool Starter Kit (with 3 Clamp Sizes) This set includes a metal Oetiker Clamp Tool and 10 each of the most popular sizes of Oetiker clamps used in the beer industry. This is the perfect kit for anyone building their own home draft system, or professionals that need a few different sized clamps. Ear Clamp Tool for Oetiker Clamps. The Oetiker style clamp tool is for installing and removing Oetiker Ear Clamps.

Oetiker clamp tool

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Oetiker clamp tool

Oetiker has been around for more than 70 years producing oetiker clamps & rings to fasten hoses, pipes and other objects. The multinational group has over 17 subsidiaries & all production companies are certified according to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Whatever your clamping requirements are, Oetiker has the connecting technology to suit your needs. Oetiker’s® pex clamp option offers an easier installation than ever before.

Its thicker handle allows for more force with less effort. Qosina is an approved distributor for Oetiker® clamps and tools. Oetiker’s® pex clamp option offers an easier installation than ever before. In this video, plumbing expert, Jim Francois, demonstrates both the 2300RT and 23 Clamps come in a variety of types and sizes, and some are better than others.
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Oetiker clamp tool

Clamping Tool with Torque Wrench. Assembly Tools. Manual. Clamping tool 293. Item No. 14100379.

This tool is for installing and removing Oetiker Clamps. Using Stepless Oetiker clamps will give you a superior connection on your beer and air hoses. you need these to properly attach Oetiker Clamps!
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Assembly solutions Mechatronic power tool systems Pneumatic pincers Manual pincers Swaging devices Test equipment Connecting solutions Clamps Rings Straps Technical introduction Only the very highest quality is used in the manufacture of OETIKER Clamps and Rings. The standard material used for the majority of products is stainless steel. The chromium-nickel content of the stainless steel gives excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to a variety of aggressive environmental influences, both atmos- pheric and aqueous. 2017-06-30 This gets you an Oetiker style Clamp Tool and a selection of Oetiker clamps. I’m a big fan of Oetiker style clamps, especially in my kegerator. See: Oetiker Stepless Clamps for Kegerator Gas and Beer Lines.