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You can rely on the delivery of accurate information to help you respond faster, reduce system demand, and control your grid. FlexNet® Introductory Series This page is where current and future Sensus customers can start learning about the Sensus FlexNet® communication network. Below are eLearning tutorials that focus on the fundamentals of FlexNet, its core components, applications, and the recommended roles and responsibilities needed to monitor and maintain it. Whether the solution(s) you choose transmits data through Sensus technologies such as our FlexNet® communication network’s long-range radio network or Sensus RF, or use other technologies like cellular or ZigBee for specific applications, you’ll be well equipped to provide timely, accurate, actionable information from every point in your network, wherever and whenever you need it. The FlexNet® communication network is the powerful long-range radio system at the heart of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Water, Smart Grid, Smart Lighting and Smart Gas solutions. This system may be accessed and used by authorized personnel only.

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This provides for connection to the Sensus FlexNet AMI system, allowing iPERLs to migrate from walkby / drive-by collection to a fixed network in the future without having to visit the meter. ‍ Performance curve of iPERL compared to an ultrasonic meter ‍ The Sensus technology upgrade will accurately measure water and electricity consumption, and rapidly detect leaks or power outages for over 1.2 million residents in and around Ohio’s capital city. May 21, 2020, UK, London: Arqiva, the leading UK communications and infrastructure media services provider, has been selected by Yorkshire Water, one of Britain’s largest water providers, to deliver and monitor a smart metering fixed-network trial as part of its plans to revolutionise its leakage detection programme. This two-year exercise will see Arqiva build and monitor the fixed-network When ice, snow and bitterly cold temperatures blasted Texas in mid-February, the National Weather Service issued a first-ever winter storm warning for t Sensus FlexNet Communication Network for Electric and Lighting The Sensus two-way network lets you collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more frequently…making YOU and YOUR customer smarter at every point. FlexNet communication network: Over 20M endpoints deployed. 900+ AMI customers supported.

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FlexNet is a proven solution developed by Sensus that provides dedicated, resilient and secure network infrastructure. Today, FlexNet is widely deployed around the world, with over 16 million smart meter and smart grid radio endpoints connected to the network. The FlexNet SmartPoint module is embedded in the SonixIQ as an option. If ordered, the SmartPoint 1.

Sensus flexnet

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Sensus flexnet

To deliver the benefits above, smart meters must be able to send and receive data effectively, and this requires a robust communications network. FlexNet meets that need perfectly.

Underpinning Arqiva's own smart metering offering is FlexNet - an innovative technology we provide in partnership with Sensus  6 days ago "Our Sensus FlexNet system allowed us to find potential problems before they led to outrageous damage or billing issues for customers," said  FlexNet technology transmits at over two-times the power of competitive systems who operate in crowded, unpredictable, unlicensed spectrum environments. Our   2, Sensus FlexNet SmartPoint Module in Sensus IconA Gen4 Meter, Apr-17, IconA Gen4 Meter, FlexNet Radio Firmware: Metrology Firmware:   120C. Medidor 120C.
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Sensus flexnet

Learn more about the benefits of the FlexNet system in the Sensus FlexNet Resource Center. About Sensus. Sensus, a Xylem brand, provides remotely-managed products and solutions that deliver the Learn how to program the Smart Point for the Sensus FlexNet System. For more information, visit us on the web at www.equipmentcontrols.com or call 880-554-1036. © 2021 Sensus.

While essential service crews responded to emergencies, the storm-tested Sensus FlexNet Communication Network from Sensus, a Xylem brand, stood up to the intense winter conditions, including a rare, three-inch 2021-04-08 · “Our Sensus FlexNet system allowed us to find potential problems before they led to outrageous damage or billing issues for customers,” said Arlington Water Utilities Senior Program Analyst Matt Peters.
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California utility saves water with Xylem's Sensus technology

(Meter Data. Management). Billing/CIS. The Sensus FlexNet System is a wide area Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI) system that provides the ability to read water, gas and electric meters with a   4 days ago “Our Sensus FlexNet system allowed us to find potential problems before they led to outrageous damage or billing issues for customers,” said  Sensus FlexNet.