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The Barnacle Balanus improvisus as a Marine Model

Mob: 07980  GO_REF Any Gene Ontology Database references; REACTOME Any Reactome - a curated knowledgebase of biological pathways; GO_REF:0000043 UniProt  Invitrogen™ GeneBLAzer™ PR-UAS-bla HEK 293T Cells. GeneBLAzer™ PR-UAS-bla HEK 293T Cells. Brand: Invitrogen™ K1693. Additional Details : Weight  Progesterone receptor (PR) expression has been considered a biomarker of an ERα-induced gene target, PR may be a critical determinant of ERα activity. Endpoint: in vitro gene mutation study in bacteria; Remarks: Type of genotoxicity: gene mutation; Type of information: migrated information: read-across based  av R De la Rosa · 2019 · Citerat av 3 — Cancer-associated gene expression profiles have been identified in several as ER/PR-positive and ER/PR-negative breast cancer patients, is difficult [49]. kallas ”trippelnegativ” bröstcancer p.g.a. att de saknar uttryck av ER, PR och HER2.

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Summary. The protein encoded by this gene is a transcription factor of the PR-domain protein family. It contains a PR-domain and multiple zinc finger motifs. Transcription factors of the PR-domain family are known to be involved in cell differentiation and tumorigenesis.

Digital refractometers, PR-α series VWR

Species. D. melanogaster. Name. purple.

Pr gene

Genetic signatures of polymorphic microsatellite loci in the

Pr gene


18 rows PR GENES has built a collaborative team of the industry’s talented professionals, a client bouquet that includes many of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, and a proven track record of result-oriented work. We currently employ over 75 seasoned communications professionals from diverse disciplines across our 5 offices in India. Genes coding for several pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins, such as chitinase and some glucanases, have been isolated, cloned, and expressed in plants, thereby interfering with the development of certain groups of pathogens and providing resistance to affected plants.
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Pr gene

2021-04-21 · Gene ID: 11107, updated on 21-Apr-2021.

Treatment of Arabidopsis ecotype Columbia-0 plants with thiamine resulted in the activation of PR-1 but not PDF1.
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Set8 and monomethylated H4K20 are virtually unde-. The monomeric forms of both proteins can be translocated to the nucleus to induce PR gene expression. We propose that thioredoxin (TRX)-dependent  2 Aug 2018 Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation (strain: GV2260 harbouring osmotin gene in a binary vector pGV2260 under the transcription  29 Nov 2013 Keywords: Vitis quinquangularis, PR-1 gene, Elsinoe ampelina, expression analysis. Abstract.